Good news, another burger place in Austin just opened. Why should this excite you, considering the millions of places to grab a good burger at in the good old 512, you may ask. Well, what makes this place special is the fact that it’s a burger chain that started in New York City as a little hot dog cart in Madison Square Park. Shake Shack soon grew to be a huge success and opened it’s first restaurant in The City, and the rest was history. They now have restaurants all around the world, including a location in Austin, TX, which opened its doors to customers on May 5th. Shake Shack serves burgers, fries, hot dogs, frozen custard, shakes, beer, and wine. What more could you really need?! They even offer that really unhealthy and processed melted cheese stuff as a topping for your fries, which of course I had to indulge in.

I have been dying to try out Shake Shack for a while now, so once I found out they were bringing a location to Austin I was ecstatic. I visited for the first time a few days ago, and I have some good things to say and some not so great things to say about my experience. We’ll start with the good.

THE BURGER. It was SO dang good. Like unbelievably delicious. As stated in an earlier post, I’m a sucker for a good burger and this place definitely did not disappoint. All of the veggies on it were fresh and tasty and the melted cheese was super gooey and yummy. When I’m in Austin and in the mood for a quick cheeseburger, I’ll often stop at P. Terry’s (a local Austin chain) and grab something. One thing that I always wish about P Terry’s burger is that the cheese was more melted, so Shake Shack’s burger definitely excelled in that category.

The cheese fries were also super good! They have crinkle fries there which is a nice change from just plain french fries, and the melted cheese on top made them so indulgent.

The interior of the restaurant was really cool. They have live plants growing on the wall (an employee came up to me admiring them and told me they’re real) and plants hanging from the ceiling in little pods. They also have exposed ceilings and lots of neat wood work lining the walls, tables, and chairs. It was all very posh.

Alright, and now for the bad…

The price. This place is EXPENSIVE. The total was about $30 for my boyfriend and I’s food. For fast-food type burgers, that’s pretty crazy. Especially since we split french fries. He did order a milkshake and I had some frozen custard, but still. Thirty dollars for two burgers, an order of fries with cheese sauce, and a milkshake and custard is ridiculous. I’m pretty sure just for the cheese on the fries it was $2 extra.

The frozen custard was also pretty disappointing. I’m a huge fan of custard, so I was really excited for this part. Maybe New Yorkers like their custard different from Texans, but I felt like it tasted kind of weird. Even my boyfriend’s milkshake had a odd taste to it. I definitely wouldn’t get the custard next time.

Overall, I really enjoyed trying out the new burger joint in Austin. I’ll definitely go back and just get a burger and plain old french fries next time.

365 Things Austin gives a pretty good rundown of the highlights, so I’ve linked them here:

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