Have you ever been craving food from a certain restaurant but none of your friends want to go with you? You don’t want to go eat alone because then you’d look like a loser. But you need Chipotle in that very moment and all of your friends claim to be too poor to go out to eat. Well here’s something that would solve that very problem: an app that matches you up with people who are wanting to eat at the same restaurant as you.

Think about it like a Tinder but for places to eat instead of people. It would be cool because not only would you not be lonely at the table, but you’d also have a lot of cool opportunities to meet new people and make friends! I know there’s been plenty of times where I much rather would have chosen to do something like this as opposed to getting take out and eating my cold food home alone. I’ve linked to a website that explains how Tinder works so you can get an idea of how it would work.


The name I’ve chosen for this app is “Meet & Eat” because that’s exactly what people would be doing. I think people would want to use this app because no one likes to eat all my themselves. It would be a great way to make friends who love to eat out just as much as you do!

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