There’s nothing better than eating ice cream during the warm summer months (which in Texas means about 5 or 6 months out of the year). Think about it, you rarely encounter someone who doesn’t like ice cream, am I right? It’s such a delicious frozen treat, and it’s fun to eat especially when it’s out of a cone. There’s so many different flavors and toppings, the possibilities are endless, really.

Everyone has their preference of brand of ice cream, which just makes it all the more fun. I know many Texans go nuts over Blue Bell (you poor things have gone too long without your Blue Bell!) but personally, I’m not a huge fan of it. Some prefer Ben & Jerry’s or Häagen-Dazs, while others prefer Cold Stone or Breyers. There’s so many options out there, but my all time favorite ice cream is Amy’s Ice Cream. Amy’s is an Austin original, channeling the funky “Keep Austin Weird” vibe. They have many locations all over Austin, and going to Amy’s is truly an experience. If you decide to get “Crush’ns” in your ice cream, they whip it up right in front of your eyes, making it super entertaining and fun. One time when I went, they even had me try and catch my ice cream in the cone (luckily, I caught it)!

The best thing about Amy’s Ice Cream is the Mexican Vanilla. It is SO GOOD. It will blow your mind. It’s my all time favorite flavor, and I always order it. I like to mix up what I get either on top or mixed into it, though. I had to run a couple errands in Austin a couple days ago, so naturally, I had to stop and get Amy’s before making the trek back to San Marcos. This time, I decided to go with Mexican Vanilla in a cone with rainbow sprinkles. I know rainbow sprinkles don’t have much of a taste, but they’re so fun and the child in me has a blast eating the rainbow pieces of sugar off my ice cream. If I don’t get rainbow sprinkles, I often get Mexican Vanilla and something involving hot fudge. Their hot fudge it to die for. It has a very unique and different flavor from traditional hot fudge. Sometimes I get the milkshake called the “Brown Cow” which is Mexican Vanilla mixed with hot fudge. It’s so worth the millions of calories it probably has!

Another thing that really interests me about this business is the employees and their jobs. They take their ice cream making very seriously. Amy’s wants it to be seen as an art, which I think is really cool. If you want to apply at Amy’s, you have to design a paper bag in some artistic way. I think this style of application really speaks for what Amy’s is about. If you want to learn more about what they’re looking for in employees or the application process, I’ve attached the link here!

Go enjoy an ice cream cone with someone you care about this week. It’s summer, for heavens sake!

That’s it for now!