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An Introduction — June 7, 2015

An Introduction

Welcome to my blog! My name is Amanda and I’m starting this blog to share my eating experiences in and around the San Marcos area with my readers. I’ve always had a passion for food so starting a food blog was a no brainer. Like my dad always says, “I live to eat, not eat to live” and I think this is a pretty solid philosophy to stand by. Along with a love for food, I enjoy photography so you can often find me taking at least 10 pictures of my food when it comes out before I’ll even touch it. I often even make the people I’m eating with wait too so I can get a good photo of the whole table, so that’s my disclaimer in case you ever want to go out to eat with me. I’m not a picky eater (thanks mom for always making me try new foods when I was a kid) so I will at least try anything and everything.

This blog is mainly going to focus on reviews of restaurants and dishes that I try out. I’m not much of a cook, but I hope to try and follow some of the millions of yummy looking recipes I’ve pinned on Pinterest and post the results on here. Being a busy college student, I often eat out at least once a day but it really would do me and my wallet some good to cook a meal at home every once in a while. Plus, I guess I should start practicing for wifehood sooner or later.

Everyone has to eat so I’m hoping that this blog will be enjoyable to any person who views it. Since I’ll mainly be posting about places in or near San Marcos, I’m hoping to reach Texas State students and San Marcos residents alike.

I already have an Instagram for my delicious looking food experiences so you should totally follow me there to see pretty pictures of food! Follow me at ders_eats (by the way, ‘Ders’ is my nickname, coming from the shortened version of ‘Amanders’).

I keep up with a ton of food bloggers which I think really helped inspire me to create a blog like this. One of my favorite food blogs is “A Taste of Koko”. The woman behind this blog lives in Austin so she is always posting a ton of yummy looking stuff from different restaurants in the area. In honor of the beginning of summer, you should check out this post: The main thing I must try this summer is the pan roasted burger and fries from Clark’s Oyster Bar. It looks absolutely amazing (I’m also just a huge sucker for a burger). I attached a picture of it below so you have something to drool over.

Well that’s it for now! I hope you enjoy my posts and that they don’t make you too hungry! Photo-Jun-11-7-56-19-PM-e1401842034190